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  • Membership?
    Membership is by school year (from September to September), a membership fee of €20 has been defined for godchildren so that everyone can join. In case of difficulty, it is possible to pay in several installments. The godchildren will be able to benefit from "support and help" and benefit from webinars which will be organized and offered by the referring teachers and professionals. the godmothers and godfathers have no membership fees, a "compensation" of time will be asked of them.
  • Donations ?
    It should be noted that everyone (sponsors, members, teachers, godchildren...) can make a donation, even a small one, for the benefit of the association. The money that will be collected will go to operating costs and to benefit professional projects in the hotel and catering industry for young people and schools in developing countries or in need. It can also be used for the purchase of supplies, materials, books...and sent to schools in need.
  • How to join?
    Sponsors and godchildren fill out a form that is sent to them via the contact form that you will find in the "Contact" tab
  • How are sponsors assigned?
    The sponsors are practicing or retired professionals who wish to share, transmit and support young students in their entry into the profession. Sponsorship is set up according to the trades and the answers given in the form.
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