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The Better Distinction

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The BETTER TOGETHER Association's main objective is the mentoring of students in the Hospitality and Catering professions by recognized professionals; our Godparents and you, Business Tutors.

Also, she is keen to commit to promoting professions and to be a force for proposals in order to improve the reception and working conditions of interns, apprentices and work-study students. The first days in business are essential and can decide an entire career, which is why: The Association created the BETTER TOGETHER DISTINCTION for Business Reception and Tutoring.

Bénéficiez également chaque trimestre d'une newsletter avec des conseils pour améliorer au quotidien les conditions de travail de vos employés...



For this, each Hotel and Catering establishment receiving or wishing to receive interns can apply by completing a file.

The establishments undertake to sign/propose a Charter which will be signed by the management of the establishment and displayed on the premises of the latter

Establishments which receive this distinction will be able to benefit from distribution in all schools, hotel colleges, partners of BETTER TOGETHER as well as wide distribution on our various networks.

Are you a hotelier-restaurateur and would like to offer your establishment?

Are you a student or apprentice and would like to suggest an establishment or apprenticeship master?

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