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About us

Founded by Nicole Jouffret during the 2nd confinement, to provide psychological and educational support to students and apprentices in the hotel and catering industry who have suffered from isolation and discontinuous learning.
Created on February 7, 2021, the association is proud to have over 270 members.

The association is run by volunteer men and women who love their work and are convinced that everything depends on passing it on, enhancing it and sharing it.

Better Together is made up of an Executive Committee and a Board of Directors.
We also have teachers, trainers, learners and professionals, each of whom has a very specific role to play and provides invaluable support for the running of our association.

The board

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Location : Royat
Professional : Hotel and catering expert - Erasmus+ project manager
In love with my job.

Particular signs:

Those who know me know of my boundless commitment to young people, my "love" of teaching and my profession. I hope this association will delight you!




Location : Lille
Professionnal : Business school student - SKEMA
Particular signs :

Better Together is a wonderful association!
I know how important mentoring is, and I want to develop this vital aspect for young people.

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Vice President


Location : Béziers
Professionnal : Professor of service and marketing.
Particular signs :

I've always been passionate about restoration. As a former restorer, I'm delighted to be able to pass on this passion to the younger generation, and to make my contribution to this fine association.




Location : Clermont-Ferrand
Professionnal : State employee
Particular signs :

I got involved in this wonderful association (bringing with me some general administration skills) because, although I don't come from the hotel and catering world, I'm motivated by the training and professional integration of young people.

Board of Directors



Location : Paris
Professionnal : Sommellerie teacher Lycée Albert de MUN Paris

Particular signs :

Determined and passionate.



Location : Béziers
Professionnal : School teacher
Particular signs : 

As a teacher, I think it's important for us adults to support young people starting out in their profession. Mentoring is one of the keys to their success.

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Location : Paris
Professionnal :

Argentier - Maître d'Hôtel -Palais de l'Élysée - Presidency of the French Republic
Particular signs :

I love passing on my knowledge, because young people are the future of our business and we have a duty to be caring.

The Team

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