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Victor Bathol Scholarship

Victor Bathol left us in November 2022. Head of reception, Victor was very involved with us. He advocated training and supporting young people in kindness.

We have decided to create a scholarship in his name, which will allow 3 students with a professional project to receive financial support of up to 200 euros, to start or perpetuate their project.

We are proud to be able to build this project in the name of Victor and his values.

Any student in a hotel school or training center will be able to apply, without age or level of study requirements.

Presentation of the Victor Scholarship 2023

On Monday June 19, 2023, Naziana Ajupiol and Julienne Vivo received the Victor Bathol scholarship, i.e. 200 euros each.

With the support of those close to him



Beyond siblings, this strong fraternal bond that binds Victor and me is also our sensitivity and a certain relationship with the world that unites us. A humanist and sensitive vision of our environment, listening and a poetic, artistic posture, with everything that surrounds us. How to take a step aside in your connection to yourself, to others, to open yourself to possibilities in a constantly changing world.



Our paths crossed at school. With Victor there was no shortage of topics and the exchanges were always intense. His outlook and his opinions on the world are a melody that will resonate for a long time.



I met Victor when he was Assistant Front Office Manager at Jiva Hill Resort as he was my internship supervisor. He immediately knew how to guide me, support me, train me and above all pass on to me the passion he had for the hotel industry. He was my example, always good advice. I grew professionally every day thanks to him. He will forever remain my mentor.



Quentin 28 years old, Victor's best friend, since nursery school, we have never abandoned each other. Valuable advice, deep support, kindness, pronounced humor are terms that best define our relationship.



Friends for many years, Victor accompanied me in all the important moments of my life, his advice and his long reflections were the very essence of our complicity.



Victor had dreams that matched his ambitions. He knew how to reveal the potential of each person he met, both personally and professionally. He would be proud of this scholarship in his image.

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