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As part of the AURA academic region consortium, the Better Together association was able to carry out its first observation mobility thanks to Erasmus+ scholarships.

We wish to continue mentoring other than through exchanges consisting of pairs. This is why we create group mobility abroad in educational establishments. The aim is to offer a group of young people, professionals and teachers the possibility of carrying out mobility within the framework of mentoring.

The objective is to improve the skills of young people with the help of teachers and professionals

Impacts and opportunities for members:

- Acquisition of new skills, improvement of existing skills and exploration of new areas of expertise by making members more competent in their respective fields.

- Strengthening the association's network: Mobilities promote networking with foreign professionals, organizations and institutions. Members will establish contacts that can be valuable to the association and its members, whether for collaboration, partnerships or sharing of resources.

- Broadening horizons: Discovery of new cultures, new working methods and new perspectives. This broadens their vision and understanding.

- Sharing of good practices: Members will be able to bring back good practices, innovative ideas and lessons learned from their Erasmus+ experiences to share within the association. This contributes to the improvement of internal operations and projects.

- International awareness: Asset in raising awareness of internationalization and the importance of intercultural exchanges within the association.

- Members who participate in Erasmus+ mobilities acquire a better understanding of European programs. - Strengthening member motivation and commitment

From October 30 to November 1, 2023

CETT Barcelona School of Tourism, Hospitality and Gastronomy | CETT-UB

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