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The White book

The white book is an 85-page communication document, it is positioned as a practical guide for readers. It provides an overview of the hotel and catering industry through various experiences.

The white paper is a win-win strategy since the reader can find 9 testimonials and 16 recommendations, detailed documents on specific subjects but also find information for free.

The approach of this document allows readers to trust us and show that we are experts in the field.

This document is also useful because there are indications on how to properly write your CV, or how to spot discrimination or harassment. It is made up of files and practical documents for company internships.

All these documents are made available to enable easier understanding. In addition, our white paper co-written by Etienne Chauvin, Pauline Gachet, Nicole Jouffret and Cynthia Perrod, is a document bringing together explanations but also useful working documents for trainees or professionals.

Our goal is to become a key player in speaking out about the hotel and restaurant professions.



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