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Our International Actions

Since the creation of Better Together, our actions have expanded.

As we developed our international business, we became aware of the great need for training in certain countries. We couldn't just sit back and do nothing. We decided to export our know-how as best we could.

APRIL 15 TO 23, 2022

During this stay, we created real links and a rich cultural exchange. A work plan was drawn up beforehand. We were able to bring educational books, professional equipment thanks to our partner Eurolam, and essential medical supplies.

This trip was the start of a very rich partnership, as we will continue to follow them. Students will soon be coming to France for an internship.

Particular support has been given to the management to set up pedagogical follow-up documents and improve school operations.

Objectives for the week :

Determine intervention objectives as a trainer.
Design an instructional sequence with a specific objective in mind.

Use animation methods adapted to the audience and their skills during a short 10-minute sequence.Evaluate a learner's work.
Design training programs taking into account the different perceptions of learners.
Deliver training in a creative and innovative way.
Design training materials adapted to learners' needs.

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